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NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience


London Film & Comic Con 2019 - Fri 26th Jul

RedShirt Sid
RedShirt Sid

A Geeks Paradise 

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It doesn’t matter who you are or what your age is, as long as you are having fun, that is the most important thing. 

Check out the video below. It shows the many Cosplayers you will find at an event such as this.

It was the first time I went on a Friday, and to be honest it was pleasant. It wasn’t crowded and you could move around at a leisurely pace, without feeling claustrophobic.

Crowded Saturday

Saturday was a different matter. Even though you could move in a wheelchair, the crowd of people around the autograph tables and photo shoot areas was like a tin of sardines. Most of time you need to be loud and forceful to make your way to the front to get the help you need. The accessibility policy is clearly states that if you require and have an ‘Extra Help’ wristband, you will be expedited to the head of the queues. In each case, it is best to attract the attention of a ‘pit boss’, to move you to the head of the queue. 

But, that is easier said than than. That is why one needs to be calm yet forceful, to excuse your way through the crowd of people to get the attention of the ‘pit boss’. It is always best to plan your day beforehand, using the published timetable. But be prepared for ‘literally’, last minute changes as you’re waiting in the queues. 

Still, one of the best weekends ever. 

For more information visit London Film and Comic Con.

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