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NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience


LFCC 2023

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider

LFCC 2023 - A Disappointing Convention Sat 8th July

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It was a disappointing day at this year’s London Film and Comic Con. There were less than a handful of memorable guests, the rest were background actors who have been in memorable productions.

Attendees were also less than usually expected for such an event. There was plenty of room for me to manoeuvre in my wheelchair, and, not once did I have to make my presence known. 

My feeling for future events were not that great, so I shall be waiting with baited breath to see what develops. 

Amanda Tapping
Amanda Tapping

Autographs and Photo Shoots

The only guest this year who I was interested in, for an autograph, was Amanda Tapping. I already have the autographs of both, Danny Trejo and Clark Gregg

But, I did have photo shoots with all three. I received a very nice embrace from Amanda Tapping, as I stood up from my wheelchair for my photo shoot. I shouldn’t have been surprised by how short Danny Trejo was, as in most productions he is usually plays ‘hard as nails’ characters; giving the impression that he is bigger than the characters he plays against.

Amanda Tapping at her Autograph Table
Amanda Tapping at her Autograph Table

Star Trek: Infinities (TOS: Fan Film)

Ed Zephyr
Ed Zephyr

I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Zephyr at this year’s Con.

Ed is an actor, writer and director.

During his pursuit of a serious breakthrough, he has become best known for unofficially portraying “the real Captain Kirk … stuck here in this parallel universe, where his life is a TV show and he have to play the part of a struggling actor,”. 

Recently, Ed released his highly acclaimed short Star Trek fan-produced test footage accompanied with a documentary on his character of ‘James T. Kirk’. 

Star Trek: Infinities. Test footage of a fan produced episode.

©️2023 Ed Zephy

Documentary on the Making of ‘Star Trek: Infinities’, Test Footage.

©️2023 Ed Zephyr

Ed also creates his own props and costumes, and can often be seen in his prize-winning cosplay,

Ed Zephyr in his ‘James T. Kirk’ award winning Cosplay.
Ed Zephyr in his ‘James T. Kirk’ award winning Cosplay.

The KS Project

Ed Zephyr is also an artist, a collector/archivist/enthusiast of art and fanworks relating to Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise.

Curated by Ed, The KS Project is a non-profit mission to rescue, collect, and share original art and fanworks relating to Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise. The Project helps in the preservation of this cultural history for fans today and in the future.

For further details follow The KS Project on their Facebook page here.

The KS Project at LFCC 2023

©️Ed Zephyr

Designed and authored by RedShirt Sid
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