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13 Nov 2023
London Comic Con Winter 2023

London Comic Con Winter 2023

London Comic Con Winter 2023

Well this was my second time at a London Comic Con Winter. It started with an early start on a freezing day, which ended up with an unexpected delight. 

Read about it here

9 Jul 2023
Ed Zephyr as James T. Kirk of fan film Star Trek: Infinities

Ed Zephyr as James T. Kirk of fan film Star Trek: Infinities

London Film and Comic Con 2023 - Less Than Exciting

I think this event proved that London Film and Comic Con is becoming disappointing. There were less than a handful of memorable guests, the rest were background actors who have been in memorable productions. 

The number of attendees were also less than usually expected for such an event. My feeling for future events were not that great, so I shall be waiting with baited breath to see what develops. 

Read about it here.

21 May 2023
Jeffrey Dean Morgan at Basingstoke Comic Con

Jeffrey Dean Morgan at Basingstoke Comic Con

Basingstoke’s First Comic Con

I’d say Basingstoke’s first Comic Con was a success. Running over three days and pulling in three brilliant headliners; Tom Sturidge for Friday, Jeffrey Dean Morgan for Saturday and, David Tennant for Sunday. 

There were also a whole host of other guests from ‘Farscape’, ‘Battlestar Galactica’, and ‘Stargate: Atlantis’. So I would say it’s been a great start for Basingstoke Comic Con

Read about it here.

5 Mar 2023
Duncan and I at #LCCSpring2023

Duncan and I at #LCCSpring2023

It All Starts Again

London Comic Con Spring 2023 brings the start my year of Comic Cons. This time my friend Duncan decided to join me. As it was his first time and being a wheelchair user, this event was ideal as it was quieter and more space was available. 

Read about it here.

22 Dec 2022

End of year review

This was an extraordinary year that started off with the Wales Comic Con in Telford, and finished with a Comic Con in winter. And in between there was a visit to Birmingham Symphony Hall for a concert of music from Gerry Anderson productions  

Read about a first for me, a live orchestral performance, Stand By For Action! concert early in 2022. Due to the COVID pandemic Wales Comic Con moved to Telford at the end of 2021, and once again came to Telford in 2022. The calibre and popularity of guests at Wales Comic Con outweighed those appearing at both the summer and winter London Comic Cons.

lt may appear that Wales Comic Con may overtake London as the premiere UK Comic Con to visit. 

I guess we shall see what the future holds. 

18 Nov 2022
Harry Lloyd ‘Doctor Who’

Harry Lloyd ‘Doctor Who’

London Comic Con Winter 2022

Tomorrow I go to my first Winter Con, it wasn’t a trip I planned or any guests there I wanted to meet. At the last minute Michael Ironside had to cancel London Film and Comic Con 2022 due to work commitments and postponed till the Winter Con

Harry Lloyd, who played ‘Baines/Son Of mine’ in ‘Doctor Who’ episodes ‘Human Nature/Family Of Blood’, is probably the only other guest I would like to meet. Other guests I’ve either met or didn’t interest me.

15 Jul 2022

Now LFCC Is Over, What’s Next?

The heatwave didn’t dissuade people from London Film & Comic Con this summer. Although, there wasn’t many Cosplayers in bulky costumes. It was still a fun event over the weekend. 

Now comes the question, what Comic Con will be next? Well, it will be London Comic Con Winter 2022. Actually, I don’t have a choice. One of the guests that I had a photo shoot with had to cancel, and he is now moved to the Winter 2022 event. 

I guess I will see you there. 

6 Jul 2022
Ariana Richards ‘Jurassic Park’

Ariana Richards ‘Jurassic Park’

Two Days & Counting 

London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) 22 starts Friday 8th July. Timetables and floorplan have been released, time to organise a plan for the day. 

Travel organised, photo shoots paid for, and what autographs I want. All that left is for the day to come. Unfortunately, Michael Ironside cancelled late due to work commitments but will appear at LFCC 22. I might see if I can get to see Ariana Richards

27 May 2022
Michael Ironside ‘Total Recall’

Michael Ironside ‘Total Recall’

Announced Michael Ironside At LFCC22

From ‘Total Recall’, through ‘Starship Troopers’, to ‘The Flash’, now announced for London Film and Comic Con is Michael Ironside

Known for playing heavyweight characters for over 40 years, this Canadian actor, came into everyone’s mind in David Cronenberg’s Scanners’. In 1984 he plays, ‘Ham Tyler’, in ‘V: The Final Battle’, the tough mercenary who helps the resistance fight against the ‘Visitors’. Since then he has popped up in many Sci-Fi related productions. 

24 May 2022

London Film & Comic Con 2022

London Film & Comic Con (LFCC) is nearly upon us.

After many cancellations Katee Sackhoff will finally make her appearance at LFCC, and I will finally get to meet her. She is best known as ‘Starbuck - Captain Kara Thrace’ in the reimagined ‘Battlestar Galactica (2004)’. Recently, she has appeared in the Netflix series ‘Another Life (2019)’. 

Martin Shaw ‘Judge John Deed’

Martin Shaw ‘Judge John Deed’

Everyone should remember ‘The Professionals (1977-1983)’, with Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins and Gordon Jackson. Well Martin Shaw will be at LFCC this year. 

In order not to be typecast, Martin has been mindful to the roles he has chosen to take on. After the ‘The Professionals’, he took on the role far from his character of ‘Doyle’. The role of ‘Captain Robert Falcon Scott’, the leader of the ill-fated ‘Terra Nova Expedition’ to the South Pole. In ‘The Last Place On Earth (1985)’; sees Martin moving from an action character to that of a historical figure. 

It will be a great pleasure to get to meet him in July. 

17 Apr 2022

A Night Of Awesome Music 

Orchestra of ‘Stand By For Action!’

Orchestra of ‘Stand By For Action!’

An awesome evening of a live orchestra.

Last night’s ’Stand By For Action!’, Gerry Anderson In Concert, was a celebration of music from Gerry Anderson productions from 1957’s ‘Twizzle’ to his last production ‘New Captain Scarlet’ in 2003. 

Hosted by the comedian and impressionist Jon Culshaw, who also lends his voice to Anderson Entertainment’s audio releases playing Jeff Tracy and Parker in ‘Thunderbirds’; the evenings performance was interlaced with screenings of scenes from Anderson productions. 

Read about this superb evening’s entertainment here.

10 Apr 2022

Stand By Action!

16th April will be an awesome Saturday evening at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham. I will be at the Gerry Anderson concert ‘Stand By For Action’, playing music from Gerry Anderson production’s. 

As this will be a one-time experience, it is something not to be missed.

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