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NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience


Destination Star Trek 2018 - Sat 20th Oct

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Quark
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Quark

Watch Your Latinum, The Ferengi Are Here

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My last Con of 2018 at NEC Birmingham.

This was going to be the first time the Ferengi family of ‘Star Trek : Deep Space Nine’, were going to be together in costume. So I decided to cosplay for the photo shoot, so I dressed up in a Gold Command shirt from ‘Star Trek : TOS’.

Fred HaiseApollo 13 Lunar Module Pilot, was someone not to miss. As we all know, the disaster on Apollo 13, meant they missed their Moon landing. What I wanted to know was,

How much poetic license was there in the film?

Fred said, “There was a lot of poetic license.”

”Most of it was in the dialogue, the actual dialogue would have been boring as it was rather technical; so wouldn’t have made good viewing.”

For more information visit Destination Star Trek.

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