NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience

NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience


Swindon Comic Con 2017 - Sat 3rd June 


Bertie Bassett Has Nothing Compared To The Kandyman 

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This was Swindon’s second Comic Con. 

I decided to go as Sylvester McCoy was there together with Sophie Aldred. Sylvester’s seventh ‘Doctor Who’, suffered from bad writing and bad villains. Who can forget ‘Kandyman’?

It was unfortunate, that Sylvester’s time as ‘The Doctor’, was under-utilised, with bad writing. His interpretation of ‘The Doctor’ was actually rather good. Not only was he compassionate, he was also firm and direct. 

‘The ‘Doctor’s’ last classic companion, was the young ‘Ace’; she was always ready to ‘whack’ his enemies if they didn’t listen. The character appealed to younger fans, but unfortunately not enough to save ‘Doctor Who’ from cancellation, until his return in 2005.

This was Swindon’s last Comic Con, there is no news if there will be more. 

Currently, there is no website for Swindon Comic Con.

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