NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience

NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience


London Film & Comic Con 2016 - Sat 30th July 

Blade Runner - Roy Batty
Blade Runner - Roy Batty

“I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.”

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Okay, it’s been a year since my first LFCC. I didn’t think it was too strenuous, so decided to do it again. 

Rutger Hauer, most famous for ‘Blade Runner’, was going to be there.

The venue Olympia London, is accessible and easy to get to by Bus, Rail and London Underground.

The event usually runs three days, Friday to Sunday. The only issue is if you attend Saturday, you find it’s crowded and busy. It is quieter on Sunday, but the best day is Friday, where you won’t have a problem if you are a wheelchair user.

For more information visit London Film and Comic Con.

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