NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience

NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience


London Film & Comic Con 2015 - Sat 18th July 


My first Comic Con experience

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I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis two years ago; I was wondering how I was going to keep myself mentally and physically stimulated. 

As a fan of sci-fi/fantasy, I was always fascinated in attending a Comic Con, but work always got in the way. Now work couldn’t get in the way, being chronically ill, can be depressing. But, I didn’t want to live a life of negativity, especially when I felt there was still much to do and enjoy.

Now the ‘Alien’ franchise, is one of my favourites. ‘Alien’, and ‘Aliens’, being the best of the series, which is undeniable. The opportunity to meet Sigourney Weaver, ‘Ripley’, could not be missed. When was I ever going to get this chance. The bonus was that Carrie Henn, ‘Newt’, and Colette Hiller, ‘Corporal Ferro’, were there too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get photo with Carrie.

There was also another alien there, Alice Krige, ‘The Borg Queen’, of ‘Star Trek : First Contact’, and ‘Star Trek : Voyager’. 

Now, this is quite a trip, especially for someone with a chronic illness. I didn’t know what to expect. So this was going to be a learning process. I stayed at a hotel close by, so I would be relaxed on the day of the Con. As it was a Saturday, I knew it was going to be busy. But, I wanted to feel and know how it was going to be.

I wasn’t aware that I could have had an ‘Extra Help’ wristband, that would have expedited me to the front of the queues for autographs and the photo shoot. So it is essential to check the details concerning accessibility, before attending such an event. But saying that, when the Event Crew saw me queuing, they moved me to make things easier. 

Having a disability should not stop anyone enjoying going to a Comic Con. With planning and careful organisation, your trip, whether you are a wheelchair user or not, can be an incredible experience. Comic Con is a hectic affair, with people rushing around; getting autographs, going to photo shoots and Q&A sessions, it is easy to be overwhelmed by it all. Make sure you keep hydrated, by keeping a bottle of water with you. 

All in all, I will do it again, my fatigue was held at bay by the excitement of the event. But, I admit it whacked me out for a few days after; then again that is the price paid of Multiple Sclerosis in enjoying my life.

I am also aware that MS is unique to people suffering from it. So, only you can say, whether you can cope with or not, being at an event like this. If you are not able to go, then I have created this site for both you and I to enjoy.

For more information visit London Film and Comic Con.

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