NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience

NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience


London Film & Comic Con Spring 2019 - Sat 2nd Mar

James Bond - George Lazenby
James Bond - George Lazenby

“Bond, James Bond.”

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This was LFCC’s first Spring event, again held at Olympia London

Easy to get to by Bus, Rail and London Underground.

Being the first Spring event, it wasn’t crowded and easy to manoeuvre around.

What I found surprising, was there was no rush in both the autograph and photo shoot queues. It was a relaxed affair, unlike what it normally is during the summer.

Bernard Cribbins, was delightful to meet. His persona is very much what you expect, from all the time you’ve seen him on screen. Unfortunately, interaction with George Lazenby was limited, he is hard of hearing. So, don’t feel disappointed when meeting your heroes when you were young, and they don’t react the way you want. Everyone gets older, even those you look up to when you were younger.

For more information visit London Film and Comic Con Spring.

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