NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience

NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience


Collectormania 2018 - Sat 2nd Jun

The Highlander - Connor MacLeod
The Highlander - Connor MacLeod

There Can Be Only One

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As the caption of the movie ‘Highlander’ says, ‘There Can Be Only One’, it is true for the Highlander franchise. There was a start, middle and end. There was a conclusion from where one could not go, unless you are a moviemaker and want to make more money.

The chance of meeting all three main characters together is something I could not miss.

I am also a fan of ‘Father Brown’, the priest who turns detective, to solve murders. Frustrating the Police Inspector at every turn, to uncover the murderer. So meeting Mark Williams was a delight.

This was going to be my first time at a Con with my powered wheelchair. Even though I use my power assisted manual wheelchair, I found myself increasingly more fatigued, after a Con. 

A powered wheelchair meant conserving my energy and having enough for the whole day. 

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