NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience

NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience



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As a fan of Sci-Fi/Fantasy films and TV serials, I have always dreamt of meeting the stars behind the characters. By attending Comic Cons, I am able to fulfil my passion, and since becoming disabled it has now become my hobby. 

My blog of Comic Cons, who I’ve met, and the Cosplayers I have come across, expresses my own feelings. 

It only gives you a guide of what to you can expect.

What is a Comic Con?

A Comic Con is where people come together to celebrate all things Sci-Fi/Fantasy related. Find out more here

Who is Redshirt Sid?

Redshirt Sid is a Nerd, a Geek, a fan of everything sci-fi/fantasy since a child. His passion of attending Comic Cons, only came into fruition since becoming a disabled wheelchair user. He is the author of the NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience blog. Find out more here

What’s the latest news?

For all the news on NerdSpaceUK Comic Con Experience and Redshirt Sid’s adventures on attending conventions click here

What was your first Comic Con?

My first convention was in 2015 at the London Film and Comic Con. Read about it here

What was your last Comic Con?

Find out about my last Comic Con, who I met and what to experience if you decide to go in the future here

What has been your best Comic Con?

London Film and Comic Con 2018, has my best Con yet. Find out more here

What has been your worst Comic Con?

For The Love of Sci-Fi, has been my worst Con as a disabled wheelchair user. Read about it here

What has been your favourite Comic Con?

Despite the issues of getting there, I’d say my favourite Comic Con has been my latest, London Film and Comic Con 2021. Read about it here
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